Hi there! I’m Bridget, mother of two sweet little boys, and Owner & Designer of Oodles and Doodles. I’ve been designing all kinds of printable and printed “paper goods” for years now, but my story starts back when my first son was turning one. First birthdays are a really big deal (and should be perfect), and so I searched tirelessly for that great theme and all the right designs to help celebrate my son’s big day. After months of searching and searching for that perfectly designed party, I couldn’t find anything that was right. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and set to work creating a design that was perfect for him. I had so much fun that I soon starting creating all sorts of fun & whimsical party printables for kids and shortly after Oodles and Doodles (or OandD as it’s known on Etsy) was born.

Now, two kids later, I’ve been designing all kinds of printable (and printed) paper goods for not just kid’s birthdays, but all types of events – baby showers, baptisms, weddings, bridal showers, adult birthdays, just to name a few. I feel so blessed to be lucky enough to play a small role in first (and second and third) birthdays all over the world.

And that little boy who got it all started? Well, he’s not so little any more. He now makes his own design demands each year for his custom birthday parties. And he’s become my “quality control” guy, telling me specifically when he doesn’t like something. Or when more dinosaurs are needed. Or more polka dots.

So sit back and stay awhile… and have fun discovering all the designs that I’ve poured my heart + soul into over these last few years. After all, they’ve been toddler tested and approved.


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