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Camping Party Birthday Sign, Oodles and Doodles

Looking for a fun late summer/early fall birthday theme? Well look no further!  Nothing can be S’More fun than a camping birthday party!  Just the s’mores alone should have you hooked.  Throw in some sleeping bags, tents, arrows, lanterns, a great log cake and lots of adorable party decorations and you have the most perfect backyard party!  You can find a full camping birthday party package which includes everything you could ever need. And if that’s not enough inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest board and check out a whole slew of adorable camping party ideas.  Let the adventure begin!


How to Print “Printable” Invitations


So you purchased a “printable” invitation, and don’t know exactly what to do with it?  Or maybe you’ve seen a ton of adorable “printable” holiday photo card designs, but always wondered where and how you’re supposed to print them? Well, read on, my friends… I’m about to help!

What are “printables?”

In short, printable just means that you print it yourself.  When you purchase a printable design, it may either come as an instant download so you can add your own text in or it may be personalized for you.  (I very much prefer designs that are personalized for you.  As a designer, nothing is worse than receiving an invitation where the spacing is all off and line breaks don’t make any sense because of the template).  I see that ALL the time. So I would suggest sticking with having the actual designer add in all your information to ensure the font sizing and spacing are all perfect and all your details fit in appropriately.


I’ve purchased a printable design, so now what???

You have two choices:

1) Digitally send out the invitation or photo card.

TIPS: I prefer using a jpeg file which will embed in the body of an email (as opposed to a pdf that will attach to an email.  People are sometimes weary of opening attachments). I find this method of delivery really helpful for kids’ parties where you invite a whole classroom of kids and may not actually have physical addresses.

2).  You print them!

But how you may ask?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  BUT there are a TON of options out there, so here are my guidelines:


Print from home or an office supply store on heavy white card stock.

You can literally print from any color printer.  I always suggest printing on heavy white card stock (100 lb) or more.

TIPS: Depending on your printer, you may use a lot of ink and you will have to cut out the invitations/cards yourself and purchase envelopes separately.  This is certainly the cheapest option, but doesn’t always lend to the best quality.  If you would like to go this route, I suggest a copy shop.  (I like Staples.  They will often also cut out the cards for an additional fee, and you can pick up envelopes there).


For higher quality, you can go with an online printer.  There are lots of options available, but I typically recommend  You’ll simply want to find a template that allows you to upload your custom design, and they’ll do the rest.  As with any online vendor, do account for shipping time which can vary at least 1-2 weeks.

TIPS: Do keep in mind that different vendors require different specs.  That can get tricky and confusing as you may not be able to print the same file in multiple locations.  Many places require bleed, so you’ll want to check the printer’s specifications PRIOR to purchase.


Purchase printable designs that are also available printed.   You won’t have to deal with various printer specs, quality issues, and ensuring important party details don’t get cut off.  At Oodles and Doodles, we only use professional labs to ensure the best printing quality available.  We offer lots of premium card stock options along with speciality envelope and return address options, so you can choose exactly what you want (which is huge)! We also offer completely custom designs made just for you.  Everything is shipped directly to your home with overnight shipping (YES! Overnight for all you procrastinators), so you don’t have to lift a finger or wait for a package.


Want even MORE tips on printing including printing “printable” decorations like cupcake toppers, signs, banners and more?  Check out these helpful instructions.  And check back soon for guidelines on choosing the perfect card stock.




Happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  We were busy with parades + bbq’s + and fireworks, but I think this little guy had the best 4th of July ever!  Who doesn’t adore a red, white and blue party theme complete with polka dots and stripes!  And of course, the adorable photo banner, cupcake toppers, and cake bunting!

Happy First Birthday little Logan and thanks to your mom for sharing some really great photos of the BIG ONE! (And you can find the whole “BIG ONE” birthday collection available here).

ONE blue and red - IG 3ONE blue and red - IG 1ONE blue and red - IG 2

Splish! Splash! It’s a Birthday Bash!

Coming from someone with a winter birthday, as a child I believed (and still totally believe) that there is no better birthday party than a pool party!  Fun in the sun + all your  friends AND cake and birthday gifts?!  Come on!  It doesn’t get any better than that when you’re a kid!

Pool Party InvitationPool Party Thank You NoteNautical Party Decorations
As luck would have it, I have an ENTIRE house full of winter birthdays. Yep, that’s right.  All of us!  And so what’s a girl to do?  Well… design a pretty awesome pool party birthday collection for everyone else.  Because someone has to have a pretty fabulous pool party!

And so.. here you go…. you can find all the super sunny birthday pool party decorations here.  Invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, the most adorable favor tags, and even a few other color options are all up in the shop this summer. All wrapped up in one pretty great package.  You’re welcome all you lucky summer birthday-ers!  And stay tuned for a ton more summer birthday themes.  (As you can imagine, they’re my fave)!

Pool Party, Boy's Birthday Ideas


You know you want to Flamingle!

We just ADORE summer over here… and what could be better than a summer picnic party with fabulous, bright + happy, pink + yellow flamingos?!  Really, it doesn’t get any better than flaming-ling with neighbors and friends!  And what birthday girl wouldn’t love a flamingo party?

flamingo toppers - IG

We have a TON of adorable printable (and printed) designs to make your party planning a breeze.  There’s an entire flamingo party kit complete with invitations, drink straw flags, banners, cupcake toppers, thank you notes, water bottle labels, and a ton more. After all, we believe party planning should be fun (and super easy)!

flamingo invites - IG

Flamingo bday sign - IG

flamingo notecard IG

flamingo - banner - IGflamingo toppers - IG


Mother’s Day

pewter tree print p1

Mother’s Day have you stumped?  Are you like me, one mom, running around trying to conjure up clever gifts for all the other moms in your lives?  I got you covered.  At least for this year.

Check out our family tree prints.  Available in multiple designs, custom colors and personalized with all your sweet family details.  Want to print and frame yourself? Try the printable file version and have it within 24 hours.  They look fabulous in a white-matted frame.  Don’t want to do a thing?  I hear you.  Try the canvas print.  It will be delivered to your doorstop (or mom’s) in 8-10 business days.  And feel free to put your feet up (for you know, approximately 10 whole seconds).




First Communion Decorations are here!



Looking for quick + easy First Communion (or Baptism) decorations to make your event extra memorable? We have you covered with our chic new matching printable party kit made to match the ever popular Navy + Gold watercolor invitations.  Printable Party Packages are a great way to have beautiful event decorations styled to match without the hassle.  Skip running around trying to find matching items… banners, labels, tags… you name it. It’s all included.  And better yet, it’s all personalized for you.  All you have to do is print.  Easy peasy.  (And simple instructions + tips are always available just in case you think you need them.  But you won’t.).

And it’s also available in pink, purple + gold as well!


The Birthday Battle

Blue and Orange Cupcakes

Dart Gun Cupcake Toppers

The Birthday Battle in our house has begun!  So we happen to have a house filled with two crazy boys both celebrating birthdays within weeks of each other.  Which means there are a lot of celebrations going on at once.  And when your mom designs birthdays for other kids, you inherit the perk of asking for any kind of custom design imaginable.  My kids take full advantage of that.  However, this year, they both actually agreed on what they wanted… a dart gun party.  Where they could run around and shoot every one (and get presents for it).  So this is the first year we actually shared a birthday party.  OMG… what have I been missing all these years?!  Yes. Share.  It’s a magical word that carries with it half the mom-work.  Really.  Half the work.  Why had I never realized that!?

Dart Gun Birthday Invitations

Dart Gun Birthday Invitations

So a dart gun theme it was.. and boy oh boy, we had LOTS of fun with it.  We started with fabulous invitations and added lots of bulls eyes, polka dots and orange & blue details everywhere.  We rented out a local gym and party room, brought our own dart guns, kids’ eyeglasses, and 1,600 darts.  Yes. You read that correctly.  1,600 darts.  And it was A-MA-ZING!  We stood up firm mats that the gym provided to act as shelters and forts on the field.  We had pizza and adorable cupcakes.  (Check out my cupcake decoration post for all my secrets on how to never bake but still have awesome, easy birthday desserts).  And lots of dart favors.  Those already came pre-packaged (Thanks Amazon!), and all we had to do was print our favor tags on sticky paper and throw stickers on them.  Did I mention that the adults seemed to have more fun than the kids?  Yep, there’s something really rewarding about shooting your own kids with dart guns.  It really does make you feel better. 

Dart Gun Birthday Invitation with Photo + Cupcake Topper

Dart Gun Birthday Invitation with Photo + Cupcake Topper


Dart Gun Water Bottle Label + Cupcake Topper

Dart Gun Water Bottle Label + Cupcake Topper


Dart Favors with Personalized Sticker

Dart Favors with Personalized Sticker


Dart Gun Birthday Invitation + Personalized Favor Stickers

Dart Gun Birthday Invitation + Personalized Favor Stickers


Dart Gun Cupcake Topper

Dart Gun Cupcake Topper

All birthday designs by Oodles and Doodles | Dart Gun Party Package
Photo Credit: Bridget Lynn Photography










A little sneak peek…


Just a little sneak peek of one of our new birthday party themes. This one is currently being “tested out” by two little boy’s in this house on Saturday at their big Birthday Battle!

I am sooo glad these darts are going home as party favors with all the attendees and not back on my basement floor to be endlessly picked up.  By me.  Because you know I’m the one that ends up with that job!