Ho! Ho! Holiday Cards (Yep, it’s almost that time again)!

I just ordered my Christmas cards today (yeah, I’m one of those people that’s super early or it never gets done). ¬†And it got me thinking. ¬†Years ago, before I created my own designs, I used to search all the usual vendors for the perfect card. ¬†It took forever …. looking through thousands of designs trying to find one that contained¬†the¬†correct¬†colors to match the photo I wanted to use…. and had the right wording (Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas? Happy New Year?) … and the¬†perfect¬†orientation… and a cute back (gotta have a cute back design!)… and the correct number of photos. ¬†Honestly, it never really worked out. ¬†I always had high hopes, but the colors rarely matched to my photos, and the photos were often cropped weird, and the wording was never exactly what I wanted. ¬†My husband used to wonder why I spent so much time and energy on it. ¬†I couldn’t help it… it just bugged me. ¬†And…well.. honestly… holiday cards are kinda expensive. ¬†And are mailed to all those people you haven’t seen in a year. ¬†Shouldn’t they be pretty great?

So that got me thinking… wouldn’t it be great to be able to offer designs that were based around the specific photos and not the other way around? ¬†After all, that’s what I do for my family’s cards every year. ¬†Why not for everyone else? ¬†And so now¬†I’m happy to be able to offer custom designed holiday photo cards¬†to save you all that hassle. ¬†Who needs extra hassles during the holidays anyway? ¬†And if you still prefer the templates, there’s oodles of new holiday designs¬†available in the shop too!

And for those of you who aren’t used to printing your own cards, check out my page on suggested vendors and other printing tips. ¬†(Hint: Here’s the cliff notes¬†version… try Mpix¬†on their pearl paper. ¬†Can’t go wrong!)

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or Happy New Year (which ever wording you prefer)!